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vyrobky Product range Product range - Spiral tube
- Circular duct
- Bends
- Reduers
- T pieces, X pieces
- Pressed saddles
- Cap ends
- Flanged spigots
- Meshed beaks
- Couplers
- Damper units
- Non-return dampers
- Attenuators
- Flexible ducting
- Jet cowls, CAGI cowls
- Roof cowls
- Flat shoes
- Roof bends
- Supply/Exhaust valves
- Access dors
- Flexible duct connectors
- Blast gate dampers
- Flexible attenuators
- Silencing core
Kruhové kolená Bends Kruhové redukcie Reduers Kruhové spojky Couplers Kruhové nástavce na hranaté potrubie Flanged spigots We provide the full delivery of round ducting as straight spiral tubes (system SPIRO) as well as all required standardized and non-standardized fittings. Straight spiral tubes are available in standard length of 3 and 6 meters. Ducts are supplied with a TSU certificate. For special orders we also supply ducting from copper, stainless steel, aluminum and other standard metal sheets. Kruhové klapky Damper units Kruhové T-kusy T pieces Kruhové výustky a dekle End pieces Ohybné kruhové rúry flexohadice Flexible ducting