Company profile

A company VZDUCHO s.r.o. was established on 04/24/1996 as an austrian - slovak company. In the 2018 we buy the major share from TROGES Ges.m.b.H. Now is VZDUCHO s.r.o. exclusively slovak company.

Our company is based on Nobelová Street number 34 in Bratislava in the area of Istrochem a.s. Its size is is 1500 m2. It is 300 m2 workshop for the manufacture of fittings ducts SPIRO system and 1200 m2 for the production of square ducts. Storage of finished products in related areas is obvious.

The main program is the production of rectangular ducting made of galvanized sheet metal. We also fully provide a supply of round ducting, fittings and specialty items including fixings and supports. In case of interest, we also offer our own transport of goods.

We make the products on high-tech equipment (rendering and burning plasma-device controlled by a computer, bending equipment, etc.) and with the workers, who have long professional experience in the aircondition. Our staff use and production technologies are essential and simultaneously guarantee the quality of our products. Our ventilation ducting and equipment meets the standards STN, DIN and ÖNORM. The organization implement a quality and environmental management system according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

We participated in supplies of ventilation ducting and equipment for the following buildings:

Aquapark Senec, Kúpele Brusno, Podhájska, Dudince, Reštaurácie McDonald Slovensko, St. Nikolaus L. Mikuláš, SACHS a BOGE Trnava, Chopin Hotel Bratislava, Kochovo sanatórium Bratislava, Dell Bratislava, FIIT STU Bratislava, Železničná stanica Trnava, Pavilón opíc ZOO Bratislava, Bytové domy a polyfunkčné objekty (Slnečnice, Vyšehradská, Koprivnica, Viktória, Glória, Karloveské Rameno Bratislava, U kráľa Ľudovíta Trnava), Hotel Hilton Viedeň, Krajská nemocnica Salzburg, Elektrárne EVN Maria Enzersdorf a EVN Edlitz, Hotel Forum Moskva, Hotel Biely dom - Jekaterinburg, Millennium Tower Viedeň, Westbanhof Viedeň atď.