Fixings and installation material

Available in stock we have also full range of installation material and fasteners for mounting of ventilation ducting and accessories. In the case of interest we calculate and add to ordered ducting exact quantity of material.

Ducts suspension
For suspension of rectangular ducting are used hangers type "Z" and "L" with studding M8 (M10). With self-tapping screws or rivets is recommended to attach hanger every 3 to 4 m of ducting. For hanging round ducting are used suspenson rings threaded with M8 (or M10) for the studding ot to the size 315 mm hangers type "V".

Hangers must under all operating conditions ensure the sufficient stability and proper functioning of ducting. It is also necessary to ensure that by cleaning also no risk of ducting including curtains fall.

Ducts sealing
Between the flanges of rectangular ducting are placed all over the perimeter polyethylene sealing 4 x 15 mm. To ensure the required sealing must have the sealing tape thickness min. 4 mm. For the sealing of round ducting are used standard duct-tape rolls.

Inspection and cleaning openings
Position and size of the openings are specified in the planning of ducting. If plans do not cover these openings, it is recommended to clarify their position, before the assembly of ducting (in accordance with EN 12097).

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